Culturally Responsive Environments Attaining Transformative Equitable Solutions

    Culturally Responsive Environments Attaining Transformative Equitable Solutions (CREATES) is a cohort of schools using the CRE Framework to ensure that policies, practices, and procedures that exist and those that are created, are filtered through a culturally responsive and equity lens. By using this framework and lens, ESI will support these schools on their collective journey towards equitable outcomes for all students.

    On this journey, schools are developing spaces where:

    • The school culture attends to race, ethnicity, culture, gender, gender identity, religion, (dis)ability and socioeconomic background of each school community member including students, families, teachers, staff and administrators.
    • The school fosters social, environmental, and relational conditions for promoting academic achievement in practices that are responsive to, and continuously centering the evolving needs of, the current student population. Specific attention is made to the most vulnerable student populations.
    • The school provides equitable access and opportunity for youth development through curriculum, pedagogy, and relational trust centered in positive racial identity development and both formal and informal mechanisms to capture and respond to student voice and lived experience. Equitable access and opportunity is deeply attuned to the experiences and outcomes of Black and Latino students and families.

    CRE Framework