Peer to Peer Mentoring


    New York City Young Men’s Initiative (YMI), in partnership with the New York City Center for Economic Opportunity (CEO) and the New York City Department of Education’s Expanded Success Initiative (ESI), has embarked on the mission of supporting New York City high schools with existing peer-to-peer mentoring programs to increase the number of students engaged while strengthening and expanding the quality of service provided within priority communities. Through funding requests, schools have been selected with comprehensive programs that demonstrate versatility and also incorporate elements that align with ESI’s core tenets in order to continue to increase the number of black and Latino young men that graduate college and career ready.

    ESI works with a cohort of high schools to help build capacity, improve sustainability, and enhance the use of evidence-based practices to better serve the needs of their students and the school community.

    Program Goals

    • Increase the number of students engaged in a peer-to-peer mentorship programs
    • Implement a college and career readiness curriculum into each program
    • Promote positive changes in youths’ attitudes towards themselves, others, and their future
    • Support school transitions and/or new school environments
    • Increase high school attendance and graduation
    • Equip youth with leadership skills
    • Expand the quality and service size of peer-to-peer programs to meet the needs of the students

    ESI Central Supports

    • Professional development for school based liaisons
    • Training for mentors and mentees
    • College Visits
    • Cultural Excursions
    • Teambuilding Retreats
    • Career Exploration
    • Financial Literacy

    • Peer to Peer Mentoring Guide

      CRE Guide

    • Peer to Peer Best Practices Manual