NYU Research Alliance Reports

With the help of NYU Research Alliance, ESI tracked promising practices and outcomes.

Research Alliance, the external program evaluator selected, has provided released six reports to  strengthen the capacity of the schools to serve their students and to meet the goals of the initiative:

  • On July 2, 2013, Research Alliance published its first report on ESI, a summary of the research and statement of the challenge being addressed by ESI schools.  This report, Moving the Needle, was shared with schools as a resource for research in developing new research based strategies. .
  • Research Alliance conducted student surveys at each school between April and May of 2013.  Roughly 5,000 9th graders, both young men and women, were surveyed on a number of categories designed to their relationship to their school, college knowledge, measures of individual determination and persistence.  This information was summarized and provided confidentially to each school in August.
  • Research Alliance furnished Year 1 data progress reports for all schools in August. Reports display school progress as it relates to ESI benchmarks for student attendance, credit accumulation, suspension, and other metrics.
  • In November, Research Alliance published Preparing Black & Latino Young Men for College and Careers: A Description of the Schools and Strategies in NYC’s Expanded Success Initiative. This report describes the key components of ESI, profiles the 40 ESI schools and the supports that were available to them prior to ESI, as well as the strategies each school planned to implement in the initiative’s first year. The report examines the extent to which the schools’ plans align with ESI’s design and goals, and begins to look at factors that might influence the potential to apply ESI more broadly.

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