• The Expanded Success Initiative is a research and development initiative focused on increasing life outcomes of black and Latino males who attend NYC public high schools by closing educational achievement and opportunity gaps and preparing them to graduate college and career ready. Supported by Open Society foundations, ESI is dedicated to advancing justice, equity, and access in education. As an educational component of the Office of the Mayor’s Young Men’s Initiative (YMI), ESI follows the mission to tackle the broad disparities slowing the advancement of Black and Latino young men.

Culture Shift

ESI is more than increasing graduation rates. It is a concerted effort to create substantial change in the lives of our young men. This means increasing college retention and graduation, attacking the school-toprison pipeline, and creating a safe school environment that is inclusive to students of all backgrounds.

ESI recognizes that a “college-going culture” requires a deep shift in how we think about school culture, academics, and instructional delivery. It also calls for a transformation in the way students think about themselves and their college and/or career path. And perhaps most compelling, it requires a revolution in resilience – a commitment to helping our young men gain the skills they need to overcome obstacles and succeed.


Starting in 2012, ESI invested in 40 schools that demonstrated success in graduating Black and Latino Young men. Through financial and personnel support, we gave schools the support necessary to implement new practices targeting our young men.

Our professional development sessions create safe environments to encourage courageous conversations around race and gender, while providing practical ways to bring them into the classroom.