Core Pathways – High School for Law and Public Service

About the Practice

A year-long, two-credit theme-based advisory course for all Freshmen. This practice includes six marking periods, six module themes, and six teachers. Each marking period, students will rotate into a new module, with a new teacher, focused on a different theme. Our six themes include:

1. Digital Literacy
2. Mathematical and Analytical Thinking Skills
3. Communicating Professionally
4. Public Speaking
5. Social/Emotional Learning
6. College Awareness

Core Pathways Powerpoint

Early Success

  • 80% of all Freshmen are programmed for Core Pathways class – general ed., bilingual, and special needs.
  • Approximately 80-85% attendance.
  • A majority of students report that they see the relevance of curriculum to personal goals, experience hands-on activities, and connect with their teacher.


  • Maintaining traditional advisory topics such as organizational skills, study skills and time management while focusing on core academic themes.
  • Scheduling issues: rotating students smoothly, sharing MP grades between teachers.
  • Attendance (scheduled for periods 1 and 9)