Social/Emotional Basis of Success

Gregorio Luperon High School

About the Practice

We implemented a negotiation training program into the college prep piece ESI. In essence, students were made aware of their role in their own success. The program focused on students finding their place within their family, Luperon and finally NYC. Being immigrant students, understanding themselves while learning to understand a new culture was a difficult but necessary act. It takes place now on Mondays and we have a dedicated counselor and third party provider that supports this piece of the program. It has been in place since the inception of the ESI program although it morphed from an in-house venture.

One day a week in their Spanish NLA class was dedicated to skills and interest.

Our counselor comes in once a week on Mondays from 1-3 and provides targeted college counseling.

One counselor comes in on Saturdays and provides social/emotional support and academic counseling.

All the ESI 10th grade boys are a part of the program. We are just starting to integrate the 9th grade boys into the program. 100 boys in total.

Connections to ESI and CRE Goals


  • The changing schedule
  • Student Attendance
  • Personnel

How did school overcome challenges?

We had to change our approach to delivering the program. It began as an in-house teacher lead program but has morphed into a counselor led, teacher and vendor supported one. It was also integrated into the shortened Monday schedule implemented at Luperon in Spring 2014.

We encouraged students to stay at the end of the day and followed up with calls to the families when they chose not to.

Now the students stay from 1-3 on Mondays.

How did you evaluate that this practice was effective?
The attendance at the program has been steady. Students have expressed their belief in the program and have begun to work through their issues with the counselors. A Saturday morning intervention was attended by over 90% of the students that needed to attend.

How will you continue to sustain this practice?
Scheduling the program within the school day is an effective way of providing this program to the students.

Mondays and other days we will provide professional development to our staff.