ESI Summer Bridge Program

About the Program

The ESI Summer Bridge Program was an opportunity for academic enrichment and acceleration for incoming freshmen to get a sense of the rigor and standards that are expected of them in high school. Research shows that low graduation rates are driven by students who are not prepared for high school and have trouble transitioning to ninth grade. In addition to academic support, Summer Bridge focused on academic and personal skills that are essential to promoting a college-going and career readiness mindset.

More About the Program

Summer Bridge is an opportunity to develop baseline data about your students’ mindset and assess the academic and personal behaviors that need to be taught in high school. Research has shown that discrete targeted interventions can influence student mindset. To promote a growth mindset among students and develop habits of resilience, we request that schools that receive funds for ESI Summer Bridge provide a message around mindset on every publication and handout that goes directly to students.

Messages to select from:

  • “High school/some of this material might be challenging, but we believe that with effective effort, you can overcome all difficulties.”
  • “Challenges don’t discourage me; they only test my will power. I have made it this far, no challenge can hold me back.”
  • “This is important. I can do it with effective effort. And I won’t give up until it is done.”
  • “Setbacks are part of the learning process. They show me the areas I need to grow in. I will use the feedback to improve my strategies.”
  • “Failure and difficulties are only feedback. I will use the feedback to continually improve my game.”