Transforming a Cultural Relevant Learning Community

About the Practice

At Transit Tech we have a few programs that support student growth and development on a multitude levels.

– Media Spot entails students centered technology in the classroom. A consultant comes in weekly and meets with the teachers for common planning. Presentations will be developed with core courses (Math, Science, English and Social Studies). The students will complete tasks that are common core aligned to their curriculum in subject area. These assignments will be recorded via media, to then be displayed to the entire faculty for professional development on best practices.

Connections to ESI and CRE Goals

Target Population/Total Students:

Media Spot – Content Area teachers who are comfortable with their classrooms being recorded and willing to share best practices amongst staff. Students that are focused upon in the classrooms are the ones that we are trying to build their academic confidence, articulation skills and ways to do college ready presentations in front of an audience.


  • A myriad of weather related obstacles in the beginning of the year.
  • Awaiting computers and technology to be delivered to school and assembled for use.
  • Bringing teachers on board to feel comfortable on implementing another strategy into their classrooms.
  • Conscious efforts of the Program Office on scheduling classes and programs for teachers and students.

How did school overcome challenges?

We had many meetings among the ESI team and the teams that were created for each program. During the meetings, we discussed different strategies on how we can encourage the staff to participate on a multitude of levels. Many postings and after school Professional Developments opportunities were provided. We brought the Consultant in to work with the teachers as a group, following one-on-one sessions. These sessions were created in the teachers programs to have common planning assistance with consultant.

How will you continue to sustain this practice?

We plan on sustaining Media Spot by incorporating these sessions during the school day on teacher C6 assignments. With the technology that we have already in the school (i.e. Cameras, Promethium boards and projectors) we can conduct Professional Development series to train teachers on best practices, cultural relevance and student technological advancement in their classrooms.