Manhattan Bridges High School – Restructuring Math Instructional Program

About the Practice

1. Summer Bridge for Incoming 8th Graders – Algebra 1 (credit bearing), College Visit, and Engineering Project (oral presentation at STEM Showcase Day and written portion)
2. Accelerated math (last year) – 9th graders took Integrated Algebra Regents in one semester
3. Collaboration on adapting math curriculum by Math Team
a. Common Core – deep analysis of curriculum
b. Vertical alignment, plan backwards from AP Calculus
i. Emphasis on assessment (formative and summative)
ii. Emphasis on alignment of learning activities and standards/exam
c. Credit Intervention strategies (after school, test corrections protocol, credit intervention through mastery)
d. Higher order thinking and instructional strategies to promote peer and self-assessment, academic discussion, use of academic vocabulary, etc.
e. Multiple credit interventions throughout the Semester (BEFORE FAILURE) – “you can’t do it yet”
4. Programming – after school, and ability groups
Ongoing, after school, Saturdays, been in place for 1 and ½ years, C&I and Math team

Connections to ESI and CRE Goals

Math DOK (Depth of Knowledge)

Target Population/Total Students:

9th and 10th grade boys identified as highly ready through entrance exam results


  • Teacher time
  • Student time
  • Summer Bridge was not enough time, Common Core curriculum is more difficult than IA
  • S pass IA early, but still need 80
  • Programming, Lots of groups, Can create conflicts with other subject areas after school. Teachers must be flexible in teaching any course at any time (multiple tracks).

How did school overcome challenges?
Hard work
Using data carefully to place students
Collaboration – Curriculum, program changes
“Hot snack” at night
(I also think that duties should be rotated)

How did you evaluate that this practice was effective?
Progress Report – 9th grade credit accumulation (97.6%/97.6% for 10+ in first year/lowest third) & math Weighted Regents results (100th %ile)
97% of 30 9th graders passed Integrated Algebra in one semester last year (10 boys/100% passed/40% college ready) – Where’s the area for improvement?
Common Core Algebra 1 – collaboration got teachers back on track
Attendance = 90.8%
Huge turnout for IA tutoring for 80+ after school
Now is baseline, we will monitor our progress through data (esp Regents/Credit accumulation)

How will you continue to sustain this practice?
$ – not sure (apply for another grant)
School Culture
-Teacher affect
-Connection between academics and YD
-High Expectations
-College and career mindset
-Student rule models
Curriculum changes – lasting effects, high bar has been set, mechanisms for accelerating s in place
Capacity – skillset of teacher is more diverse