Man-Up Boy’s Leadership Teams – Teachers Preparatory School


About the Practice

Our school started a Boy’s Leadership program that would serve as the program for ESI activities. Dubbed “Man-Up,” 5 male teachers drafted teams of 9th and 10th grade boys. We then created a competition between these teams in areas of academics, attendance, participation at school functions and other contests. We then gather the boy’s twice monthly, share data and update activities, award prizes, etc. We also use this as an opportunity to divide the boys into teams and mentor them.


Target Population/Total Students:

9th and 10th grade boys, usually 45 – 50 young men attend.


  • Time intensive in terms of organization.
  • Buy-in from other teachers.
  • Girls feel left out.
  • Making it fun & useful at the same time.
  • Buy-in from students.

How did school overcome challenges?

Careful planning and a willingness to reflect on successes and failures, as well as a willingness to not get paid and to spend our own money.

How will you continue to sustain this practice?

We will continue and hope to expand the program and then include women as we move forward.