Check-In Luncheon/Academic Achievement Program – East Bronx Academy for the Future

About the Practice

We split the year into two parts. From September – December, we had check-in luncheons every 3 weeks. Students met with teachers during this time. In this time, grades were looked at and new goals were created. During these luncheons, the boys were able to discuss what they are having difficulties with. We used this time to reiterate the importance of passing their classes and regents to keep the promise they made to themselves and ESI. In the end of December, the ESI team meets to pick the students who they feel will benefit for extra help based on the luncheons and their report card. From January- June, ESI starts the Academic Achievement Program. In this program, ESI recommends 20 students from each grade to come after-school for extra help. Two teachers from each grade help administer the program. Each teacher is in charge of ten students. These students stay after school twice a week for two hours to do make up assignments, regents prep or tutoring for any subject they are having difficulties with. The teacher monitors their grades and any improvement they are making.

Connections to ESI and CRE Goals

Target Population/Total Students:

The grades involved are ninth and tenth grade. All students are a part of the check-in luncheons. 40 students are involved in the Academic Achievement Program.


  • Having the students stay after school.
  • Having teachers update their grades so that we can see the progress of the students.
  • Having teachers be open to giving make- up work.
  • Making the student understand the importance of passing their classes.

How did school overcome challenges?

Our school overcame these challenges by reaching out to the parents about the Academic Achievement Program and how important it is for their child to be a part of it. We sent a letter home with the program, what it entails, and its importance. Administration supported ESI’s request of having the teachers update their grades and letting our kids make up work. To keep the students motivated, we have inspirational speeches any time we can.

How will you continue to sustain this practice?

Currently, we are using about $3000 from EBA funding to support the program through June. We will try to schedule the Academic Achievement Program is part of their class schedule starting next year.