What is All Star Code?

All Star Code (ASC) is a nonprofit organization that attracts, prepares and places talented young men of color on pathways of leadership and success within the technology sector. Understanding the achievement gap between African-American and Latino boys and their peers, ASC exists to close the gap and cultivate untapped talent. All Star Code builds an “ecosystem of access and education” through programmatic initiatives that focus on education, mentorships, college guidance, industry exposure, parental education, and internship placement. Through this unique approach, ASC provides these young men with the skills, networks, and system know-how to become the next generation of tech leaders.

How does the All Star Code mission align with Expanded Success Initiative?

ASC and ESI are tirelessly working to address the disparities slowing the advancement of Black and Latino young men. All Star Code has partnered with ESI to raise awareness about the Summer Intensive program for high school boys of color in New York City. All Star Code visited several ESI partner schools in February and March, and looks forward to incorporating ESI scholars into ASC’s ecosystem.

What Kinds of Opportunities does All Star Code Provide to Young Men?

All Star Code provides opportunities for students to develop their technical and entrepreneurial skills, cultivate their professional support network, and polish their social skills. Each year, ASC conducts 3 Fall/Winter introductory workshops and 1 Spring booster workshop. Hosted in tech spaces such as the Microsoft-NYC and General Assembly, ASC workshops are designed welcome students into the tech space and tech mindset. During summer months, ASC also offers a free Summer Intensive Program that provides a unique combination of Computer Science Education, industry exposure, social skills development, and network building.

Since it’s creation in 2013, over 200 students have deepened their exposure to the tech world through ASC workshops and other tech-related events. Selected from a pool of over 140 applicants, our initial cohort of twenty participants completed our pilot six-week Summer Intensive in 2014. This year, we’re doubling the number of students served in our Summer Intensive and have already received over 170 applications for consideration.

ASC provides young men with the opportunity to begin a rewarding – and lifechanging — personal and professional journey into the tech industry. We look forward to sharing more of our progress with ESI.

by Alessandra Carter

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