Against All Odds

George Washington Carver High School

About the Practice

George Washington Carver High School for the Sciences (GWCHSS) employs an online platform of videos and resources that reflect the cultural experiences of young Black and Latino males. GWCHSS has found that this content is critical to recreating culturally-relevant educational connections among its targeted student population. School Advisors begin by watching the videos with students. Each video features a teen’s true experience about the challenges that Black and Latino male students face.

Why do some children succeed while others fail? Resiliency can make the difference: The ability to bounce back from frustrations and recover from setbacks. We can teach resiliency skills to children. Watch Against All Odds and get an inside glimpse into the lives of children who are reaching their personal dreams and goals despite challenges such as poverty, drugs, crime, family problems, cultural differences and more.

Online correlated Weekly Guides enable GWCHSS Advisors to quickly review and facilitate lesson plans, which include discussion prompts, self-reflection questions and student activities. GWCHSS has found that the Connect with Kids peer-to-peer model helps improve school climate and increase positive student behavior.

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  • Part 1

    Four kids tell their stories of overcoming adversity against all odds.

    Lesson Plan

  • Part 2

    Clive Aden and Guadalupe Fonseca learn adversity does not have to be permanent.

    Lesson Plan

  • Part 3

    Heather Bandy is blind, but doesn't let her disability keep her from succeeding in life.

    Lesson Plan

  • Part 4

    Berhane Azage overcomes poverty and hardship by not measuring himself up with what he doesn't have. Instead he learned from his parents that adversity is not personal and can be overcome.

    Lesson Plan

  • Part 5

    Kids need to be educated through real life examples that adversity does not have to be permanent, pervasive, or personal.

    Lesson Plan